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Monday, December 20, 2010

More Avalon Action

An air show is always a test; a trial in which we discover our Aircraft Saturation Point.

Day one always finds me skipping between military fighters, executive jets and the vintage ladies. Day two is spent watching the displays, with day three left over for the trade stands and catching up with various av-heads.

This year, it was all topsy - day one was work, day two was work with a quick peek at the helicoptors (I know!! It's an illness...) and day three was further work, followed by a smattering of nattering and yet another early night.

But, ahhhh, the little black book of test flights began to fill. I scored another job. I met the charming members of the AOPA board and had the privilege of sitting in the cockpit of the L-39 Albatros.

I met the members of the RA AUS board, and have been invited to Natfly over Easter. I encountered the most pristine Beech Bonanza, on which I'm hoping to write a centrefold. And I have a few gems lined up for review.

On Sunday, as I was heading back to the city from St Kilda, I spied a bi-plane circling the city, and still gasped, and with head tilted skywards admired its grace. I guess Aircraft Saturation Point, for me, is yet to come....

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